Tomix 3175 Private ISO20ft Tank Container N Scale

Tomix 3175 Private ISO20ft Tank Container N Scale

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ISO20ft tank container
The ISO20ft tank container owned by Nippon Oil Transport is a tank container manufactured to transport liquid chemical products.
The ISO20ft tank container comes in many shapes, and the 22T1 tank container is characterized by a shape in which the periphery of the tank is covered with a frame.
The 21,000L type owned by Nippon Oil Transportation has a green painted frame.
The same container used in Japan is mainly used for truck and rail transportation.

part number
Product name
Privately Owned ISO20ft Tank Container (Frame Type/Japan Oil Transportation/Green/2 Pieces Included)

-Reproduce the frame type of the ISO20ft tank container
-[JOT] logo and various markings are printed on the tank body
-The frame is reproduced in green, which is a type of 21,000L.
-Number printed (JOTU 330172, JOTU 330206)
-Container floorboards necessary for mounting on various container wagons including Koki 200 are already installed
●2 pieces
*This product is the same as the container attached to the 8th trailer collection except for the container number.

Product content
●JOTU 330172
●JOTU 330206