Tomix 3273 Deck Girder Bridge S70 Red N Scale
Tomix 3273 Deck Girder Bridge S70 Red N Scale
Tomix 3273 Deck Girder Bridge S70 Red N Scale

Tomix 3273 Deck Girder Bridge S70 Red N Scale

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It is an iron bridge with plate-shaped main girders on the left and right, and a railroad track on top of the main girders.
The structure is simple and construction is easy, but it is not suitable for long steel bridges.
A reinforcement called a fink may be attached to the underside of the main girder.

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Product name
Road type girder bridge S70 (F) (red) (set of 2) (with 4 brick piers) Features
Easy and reliable connection between rails
- Top-level girder bridge that can be used widely from main lines to local lines
-The color is red and is the same color as <3255> Road type girder bridge S140 (red)
-The length of the iron bridge is 70 mm, which is the same length as the straight rail S70
- Sleepers are molded in brown with separate parts
●A passage for inspection can be installed.
- A shelter can be installed in the center of the iron bridge
-By processing the inspection passage, it is possible to install <3077> single wire overhead wire poles, steel frame types, etc. sold separately.
- Inspection passage handrails can be replaced with <3054> wide rail wall S70 sold separately, S70 wall / handrail included in signal use etc.
-If you connect two of this product, you can install the attached overhead line pole, and the overhead line pole can be used as an optional <3077> single wire overhead line pole/steel frame type or an optional <91045> embankment large curve S-shaped rail set. Use the attached gate type single wire overhead line pole
-When connecting two of this product, it is possible to install the overhead bare track pole (steel frame type) attached to the <91045> embankment large curve S-shaped rail set (sold separately).
-The coupling comes with a runner part that has a special shape that does not stand out.
*This product can be installed on the existing <PY-901> coupling, but it will not be possible to install the overhead wire pole.
*Existing various iron bridge/viaduct products cannot be attached to coupling A dedicated to this product.
  Can be mounted on one side of coupling B
-The included brick piers can be replaced with various piers sold separately.
- The terminal part of the guardrail is attached with runner parts

Product content
- Top road girder bridge S70 (red) × 2
- Brick pier (no coupling) x 4

- Runner parts: handrails, etc.
- Runner parts: shelter, overhead line pole, etc.
- Runner parts: Fink reinforcement
- Runner parts: Coupling for girder bridge
- Runner parts: guardrail