Tomix 4220 Medium-sized building (gray)  N Scale

Tomix 4220 Medium-sized building (gray) N Scale

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No. 4220
Product name Medium-sized building (gray)

Tomix building (structure) series. It is a medium-sized building that looks good in front of a station.

● Three-story building
-Reproduce the coloring of the building body in gray
● Express a modern building with the image of leaving concrete
● Assembly structure of 1st floor + 2 / 3rd floor + roof
● Each part is common and can be rearranged with separately sold general buildings and large buildings, and high rises can be made on the second floor.
-Includes tower
-Stickers that can be arranged such as movie theaters are included
* Product number <4020> will be discontinued

Product content
● Body
● Tower
● Seal