Tomix 5518 TCS Power Unit N-DU204-CL to N Scale
Tomix 5518 TCS Power Unit N-DU204-CL to N Scale
Tomix 5518 TCS Power Unit N-DU204-CL to N Scale

Tomix 5518 TCS Power Unit N-DU204-CL to N Scale

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TCS Power Unit N-DU204-CL

Equipped with a mass-con handle and a brake handle, this power unit imitates the cab of a train or diesel car in the JNR era.
You can enjoy coasting just like a real car, and it is a high-performance controller equipped with a dual lighting output and a constant lighting function.

● Equipped with mass-con handle and brake handle for full-scale coasting operation
● Simple display of voltage and current Analog meter installed
● The body color is dark green
● Acceleration 4 steps, deceleration 4 steps + emergency stop
● With constant speed mode switch for coasting
● Output current 1.2A
●Two outputs for driving
● With TCS output terminal
● With side connector for point control box N
●Continuous lighting (CL) function equipment
● Constant lighting adjuster equipment
● With acceleration adjustment volume
● Position display by LED
● AC adapter power supply adopted

Product content
● TCS power unit N-DU204-CL
● AC adapter
● Brake handle

This product is 100V voltage. (For a country with a voltage of 240 V, a voltage converter is required.)

The railroad model vehicle runs by running the electricity lowered from a household power supply to a safe voltage on two rails. Plus and minus electricity flow to the two rails. If you place metal such as a driver on the rail, it will short ! !  Please be careful.



1) The product is special. Not suitable for children under 15 years old. If you are under 15 years old, please play with parents.

2) This product uses small parts. Please do not give to children under 3 years absolutely.

3) Please discard waste when processing and assembling.

4) The axle and the tip of the rail will be inferior in function. Please be careful not to injure accidentally.

5) When derailed, the motor power unit may generate heat. Please turn off the power immediately. When you do not drive, please be sure to remove the AC adapter.