Tomix 5565 TCS 2 Colors Signal (F) N Scale
Tomix 5565 TCS 2 Colors Signal (F) N Scale

Tomix 5565 TCS 2 Colors Signal (F) N Scale

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Tomix 5565 TCS 2 Colors Signal (F)
2-lamp traffic light.

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Features of TCS 2-lamp traffic light (F)
-Realization of black and white two-tone color and slim signal poles for a realistic appearance
-Fine track specifications (compatible with conventional Tomix rails)
- The lighting switches exactly like the real thing according to the movement of the train.
● The color switches in the order of red (stop) → blue (progress)
● Lights up independently by supplying power from the TCS connector
●Calculate from the lap time of the previous lap and automatically change to the appropriate signal switching time, so you can enjoy realistic expressions according to the layout size.
- Detects the direction of travel of the train and turns red on the opposite signal
● It is possible to set the mode to turn the signal red by detecting no electricity to the rail (by turning the direction switch to OFF (red signal) until just before departure and turning it in the direction of travel, it is like a "departure traffic light". You can enjoy it.)
A touch sensor system that prevents malfunction due to external light
-Can be installed anywhere you want
-The signal pole is a connector type that is easy to replace
●LED is used for the signal light
● Current consumption about 10mA

Product content
● 2-light traffic light