Tomix 5572 TCS 3 Colors Signal WP (F) N Scale
Tomix 5572 TCS 3 Colors Signal WP (F) N Scale
Tomix 5572 TCS 3 Colors Signal WP (F) N Scale

Tomix 5572 TCS 3 Colors Signal WP (F) N Scale

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Tomix 5572 TCS 3 Colors Signal WP (F)
Wide PC rail compatible 3-lamp traffic light.

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Features of TCS 3-light traffic light WP(F)
-Painted ballast and sleepers for a very beautiful appearance
-Easy and reliable connection, gray concrete sleeper painting expression
- Beautiful and realistic signal of black and white two-tone color
● Trackbed compatible with wide rails with a trackbed width of 37mm
-The ballast on the opposite side of the signal pole can be detached and installed next to the station.
- Separately sold fences, handrails, and side walls can be attached to the side of the rail.
-Compatible with single-line piers by attaching the separately sold single-line pier base S70 to the bottom surface
-Includes ballast to fill gaps when signal poles stand between double lines
● Lights up independently by supplying power from the TCS connector
- The lighting switches exactly like the real thing according to the movement of the train
● The color switches in the order of red (stop) → yellow (caution) → blue (progress)
● The color lights are arranged in blue, yellow, and red from the top.
- Counts and stores the lap time of the train, and follows the lap time of the previous lap, and the lighting switching time for the next lap is steplessly variable. When the lap time is long, it switches quickly.
- Signals in the direction opposite to the direction of travel of the train are lit in red
- Equipped with a mode that detects when the track becomes unenergized during operation and lights the signal in red.
- Can be freely installed in any number of places you want to install
- Touch sensor method that is not affected by external light
-The signal pole is a connector type that is easy to replace
●LED is used for the signal light
● Current consumption about 10mA

Product content
- 3-light traffic light WP (F)
-Wide ballast S70 (F)
- Ballast for signal poles between double tracks
- Runner parts: W rail joint large, small
- Runner parts: ballast joint, hook