Tomix 7109 JR EF210-100 Electric Locomotive (Unit 105) N Scale

Tomix 7109 JR EF210-100 Electric Locomotive (Unit 105) N Scale

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JR EF210-100 electric locomotive (unit 105)

The EF210-100 is a locomotive that JR Freight was manufactured from 2000 as a replacement for the EF65 and EF66.
Vehicles up to No. 108 are equipped with a pantograph crossing the lower frame.
The EF210 No. 105 disappeared without the JRF logo mark during the 2017 general inspection.

-Reproduce the figure without EF210-105 JRF mark
● Driver's see-through structure
-Pantograph is already equipped with PS22C
● Wireless antenna and whistle already installed
● GPS antenna installed
-Liberation lever is already equipped with different parts
-Front handrail (vertical) comes with separate parts
-The front is already equipped with car number printed parts
-Side number plate included "EF210-105"
-JR FREIGHT mark and Momotaro logo printed
● Headlights are always on
● Power mounted with flywheel
● Gray cart, silver wheels adopted
-TN coupler included

Product content
● EF210-105

● Runner parts: license plate (for side)
● Runner parts: handrail
-Parts: TN coupler