Tomix 7124 JR EF65-500 Type Electric Locomotive (Unit 501) N Scale

Tomix 7124 JR EF65-500 Type Electric Locomotive (Unit 501) N Scale

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JR EF65-500 electric locomotive (Unit 501)

The EF65 No.501 appeared as a P type of passenger car towing, inherited by JR East, and is still active today in towing event trains mainly in Takasaki.
Since 2008, the JR mark has disappeared.

-Renewed the EF65 type 500 generation (P type) top number 501 machine that became a shrunk type outside the tail light
● New motor (M-13) adopted
-Front railing (vertical) comes with separate parts
-Release lever is already installed with separate parts
● Integrated plate wheel center adopted
-H rubber is reproduced in black
-The rooftop monitor is reproduced in black
● Panta lower roof is gray
● The car number is printed
● Headlights are always lit
● Headlight is lit with bulb color LED
● Powered with flywheel
● Black bogie frame, black wheels adopted
-Includes self-contained dummy coupler
-Self-contained TN coupler included
● Mini curve rail running

Product content
● EF65-501

● Runner parts: Maker's plate
● Runner parts: front railing
● Runner parts: signal flame tube, whistle
● Runner parts: Wireless antenna
● Parts: Self-contained dummy coupler
-Parts: Dummy coupler receiving
-Parts: self-contained TN coupler
● Parts: Jig