Tomix 7151 JNR EF71 Type Electric Locomotive (Primary Type) N Scale
Tomix 7151 JNR EF71 Type Electric Locomotive (Primary Type) N Scale

Tomix 7151 JNR EF71 Type Electric Locomotive (Primary Type) N Scale

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JNR EF71 type electric locomotive (primary type)
The EF71 was introduced in 1968 as an AC electric locomotive considering the slope section of the Itaya Pass on the Ou Main Line.
It features a large body like the ED75 in F class, adopts thyristor phase control and AC regenerative braking, and has special equipment such as an emergency braking device for gradients.
It was also used as an auxiliary machine for train towing of single machines and ED78 and double-headed trains of the same shape, and for Kiha80 series and Kiha181 series "Tsubasa".
● Newly manufactured EF71 type electric locomotive to match Kiha 81 "Tsubasa"
-Reproduce the primary shape with a ventilation port on the front
-Reproduce the initial appearance without the head mark hanging on the gangway door
● Can be connected to Kiha 81 of Tsubasa set with part number 98737 with the attached TN coupler.
* When connected to Kiha 81, the passing curve radius will be 280 mm or more.
● Dummy coupler included
-The license plate comes with separate parts "EF71-1 ・ 6 ・ 7 ・ 10"
● Driver's cab see-through expression
-Includes parts for roof whistle and fusee
● Parts installed for each release lever
-Comes with separate parts for the front handrail
● Headlights are equipped with a constantly lit board and have an ON-OFF switch.
● Headlights are lit by light bulb color LED
● Uses wheels with a box core, no rubber bands in consideration of connection with Kiha 81
● Powered with flywheel
● Black bogie frame and black wheels are used
● M-13 motor adopted
Product content
● EF71 (primary type)

● Runner parts: Front handrail (vertical)
● Runner parts: Number maker's plate
● Runner parts: whistle, fusee
● Runner parts: Dummy coupler
● Parts: Dummy coupler receiver
● Parts: Self-contained TN coupler