Tomix 8944 Saha 481 (Vehicle with AU13) N Scale

Tomix 8944 Saha 481 (Vehicle with AU13) N Scale

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The 485 series was born in 1968 and is an AC / DC limited express train that represents the Japanese National Railways era and was active on major electrified main lines nationwide.
In 1972, with the change to the front penetration type of the leading car, it became the 200th generation, and at the same time, the cooler was changed in the form of the intermediate car.

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JNR train Saha 481 type (car equipped with AU13)

● High grade (HG) specifications
-Reproduce the appearance of the JNR era with a small bathroom window and an emergency exit
-The body color is reproduced in national railway color, and the roof is reproduced in silver
● H rubber is reproduced in gray
-Toilet tank and sink pipe parts can be reproduced with selectable parts (use the ones included in the basic / additional set)
● The car number is selectable and compatible with transfer sheets (use the one that comes with the basic / additional set)
● New current collection system, black wheels adopted
● TN coupler (SP) standard equipment

Product content
● Saha 481 (Vehicles equipped with AU13)