Tomix 9005 JNR Train Sahashi 455 Type  N Scale

Tomix 9005 JNR Train Sahashi 455 Type N Scale

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The 455 series that appeared in 1965 is a vehicle that adds a speed-reducing brake to the 453 series of express trains for both AC and DC, and the 475 series for 60Hz, but the shared Kuha Saha Salo Sahashi named the 455 type.
The AC 50Hz 455 series was operated mainly on the Tohoku Main Line, and the 60Hz 475 series was operated mainly in Hokuriku and Kyushu, and was also active in express trains on each line and ordinary trains in later years.
The Sahashi 455 is a half-buffet, half-room, ordinary-seat combined car, and was characterized by the uneven window layout of the buffet.

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JNR train Sahashi 455 type

● High grade (HG) specifications
-Ordinary guest room seats are painted blue and reproduced with a blue moquette image
● The car number is selectable and compatible with transfer sheets (transfer sheets are included in the basic set and add-on set)
● New current collection system, black wheels adopted
● TN coupler (SP) standard equipment

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● Sahashi 455