Tomix 9017 JNR Type SAHA 103 N Scale

Tomix 9017 JNR Type SAHA 103 N Scale

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JNR train Saha 103 type (early model non-air-conditioned car, emerald green)

The 103 series is a commuter train that appeared in 1963, and more than 3,400 of them have been manufactured and are still in use today.
The emerald green 103 series was introduced on the Joban Line in 1967 and on the Narita Line in 1973.
In 1971, when the Joban Line became a double-track train, it was once made into an 8-car train, but the train was changed back to a 10-car train the following year to alleviate congestion.
When the Narita Line was electrified in 1973, the number of units was increased by transfer, and at this time, the top number of Kumoha type 103 was transferred and attracted attention.
October 2023 will mark the 50th anniversary of the opening of electrification between Abiko and Narita.

- Car number is selectable and transfer sheet compatible (transfer sheet is included in the basic set)
-H rubber is reproduced in gray
-New current collection system, black wheels adopted
- TN coupler (SP) with piping is standard equipment between each connection surface.

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●Saha 103-0