Tomix 9125 Electric Locomotive Tsuruga Ver N Scale

Tomix 9125 Electric Locomotive Tsuruga Ver N Scale

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The EF81 type is an electric locomotive that was introduced in 1968 and supports DC / AC 50Hz and AC 60Hz, and is active as a standard type of AC / DC machine.
The EF81 type trains of the general color belonging to the JR West Tsuruga driving group are playing an active part in towing the "Sea of ​​Japan" and group trains. Vehicles in the same area are characterized by having a window inspection port under the side window.

Product number
Product name
JR EF81 type electric locomotive (Tsuruga driver's office)
● EF81, which is leading the Sea of ​​Japan, etc.
● Powered with flywheel
● Parts for front handrail and release lever
● Accurately reproduce the appearance of the side window inspection port
● Parts for roof whistle and fusee
● Side JR mark printed
● Driver's cab see-through reproduction
● Adopts a constantly lit board, with an ON / OFF switch
● Integrated wheel center parts adopted
● Black H rubber specifications
● License plate included

Product content
● EF81 (Tsuruga Driver's Office)

● Runner parts: License plate
● Runner parts: whistle, fusee
● Runner parts: Handrail
● Runner parts: TN coupler