Tomix 9175 EF65 500 (F Type, JR Freight Renewal Car) N Scale

Tomix 9175 EF65 500 (F Type, JR Freight Renewal Car) N Scale

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The EF65 electric locomotive appeared in 1965 (S40), and a total of 308 cars were manufactured.
The 500th generation has a P type quoted from passenger cars and an F type quoted from freight trains, of which 513 to 517 have appeared as F type.
Due to the renewal work that started around 1989, the exterior paint color was changed to three colors, and then blue was reduced by one color to two colors, deep blue and light purple.

Product number
Product name
JR EF65-500 type electric locomotive (F type / JR freight renewal car)

-Reproduce the appearance of the F type of EF65-500 as a two-color painted JR freight renewal car
-The skirt does not have a cover on the decentering device, and it reproduces a different appearance before and after
-Reproduce the front handrail (short type) with separate parts
-Reproduce the release lever with another part (installed)
● Uses wheels with integrated plate wheel center
● H rubber is reproduced in black
-The roof under the panta and the monitor on the roof are reproduced in gray
● JR FREIGHT mark has been printed
● The car number is selectable and comes with a transfer sheet (EF65-513 / 514/515/516/517)
● Equipped with a constantly lit board
● Powered with flywheel
● Gray trolley, silver wheels adopted
● TN coupler included
● Mini curve driving is possible

Product content
● EF65-500 (F type / JR freight renewal vehicle)

● Runner parts: Maker's plate
● Runner parts: Front railing
● Runner parts: whistle, fusee, wireless antenna
● Parts: GPS antenna
● Parts: TN coupler
● Parts: Jig
● Transfer sheet: Car number