Tomix 9308 JNR Saha 103 Type (Unit Sash Sky Blue) N Scale

Tomix 9308 JNR Saha 103 Type (Unit Sash Sky Blue) N Scale

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The 103 series is a standard DC commuter train that appeared in 1963, and has been used for commuting in metropolitan areas nationwide except Hokkaido and Shikoku, and more than 3,400 cars have been manufactured.
The Saha 103 was an intermediate accompanying vehicle, and unlike Moha, it had no side louvers.
The side window was changed to a unit sash from the middle, and the air conditioner was installed from the beginning.

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JNR train Saha 103 type (unit sash sky blue)

● High grade (HG) specifications
● 103 series sky blue addition single item Saha
-Reproduce the Saha 103 type unit sash car with sky blue that was active on Keihin Tohoku, Tokaido Sanyo Main Line, Hanwa Line, etc.
● H rubber is expressed in gray
● The car number is selectable and compatible with transfer sheets (use the transfer sheet that comes with the basic set)
● New current collection system, black wheels adopted
● TN coupler (SP) standard equipment

Product content
● Saha 103 (Unit Sash Sky Blue)