Tomix 9401 JR Diesel Car Kiha 182-500 Type (M) N Scale

Tomix 9401 JR Diesel Car Kiha 182-500 Type (M) N Scale

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The Kiha 183 series 500 series was introduced in 1986 as a vehicle that has undergone a major model change from the 0 series, such as improved engine output, a through-type leading car, and the side of a continuous window wind.
It appeared in a white-based color that is different from the standard express color of the Japanese National Railways until then.
The Kiha 182-500 is an intermediate coach with a powerful 550PS engine under the floor.

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JR diesel car Kiha 182-500 type (M)

-Reproduce the model change 500th generation of Kiha 183 series
● <98207> <98208> Ozora, a single item that can be used to add Hokuto sets
● With power that can handle gradients, long formations, etc.
-Reproduce the ventilation system and toilet window position that are different from the 550s with a new car body and roof
-The dolly is reproduced in black
● The car number is selectable and compatible with transfer sheets (transfer sheets included with <98207> and <98208> are used)
● Powered with flywheel
● Uses black wheels

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● Kiha 182-500 (M)