Tomix 9433 JNR Diesel Car Kiha 16 Metropolitan Area Color  N Scale

Tomix 9433 JNR Diesel Car Kiha 16 Metropolitan Area Color N Scale

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The Kiha 10 series was a general-purpose diesel car of the Japanese National Railways that appeared in the 1950s, and became the basis of subsequent diesel cars, such as the introduction of the first liquid transmission as a mass-produced type.
When it was formed with other series due to its small body, it became an uneven formation and was active on non-electrified routes all over the country.
A vehicle painted in one color of vermilion No. 5 appeared on the Sagami Line in 1975, and was called the "Metropolitan area color", and then spread to various places including other general diesel cars due to the change in painting regulations.

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JNR diesel car Kiha 16 type (metropolitan area color)

● High grade (HG) specifications
● Kiha 16 series with Kiha 10 series and no one-sided trolley toilet
-The headlight is a new reproduction of a two-lamp sealed beam
-Each H rubber is reproduced in gray
-The crossing board of the gangway door can be replaced with vermilion parts attached and gray parts included
● The car number is selectable and a transfer sheet is included.
● Head and tail lights are equipped with a constantly lit board and have an ON-OFF switch.
● The headlight is a light bulb color LED
● Conventional current collector system, black wheels adopted
● TN coupler standard equipment

Product content
● Kiha 16 (Metropolitan area color)

● Runner parts: Fusee
● Runner parts: Obstacles, snowplows
● Parts: Crossing board (gray)
● Parts: Top frame
● Transfer sheet: Car number