Tomix 6433 Track Cleaning Car Set N Scale
Tomix 6433 Track Cleaning Car Set N Scale

Tomix 6433 Track Cleaning Car Set N Scale

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It is a set of a cleaning car that rotates the disc with the motor built into the car body and cleans the rail, and a towing locomotive.

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Product name
Multi-rail cleaning car set
- Dedicated paint for both cleaning car and towing locomotive
- Towing locomotive sets a vehicle that is easy to handle without an intermediate truck
[cleaning car]
● Set original color
● Easy to handle
By connecting and driving with the ED61 (towing vehicle) of the set, you can easily clean hard-to-reach areas in the layout.
●Cleaning fan strongly sucks dust and dust on the track
The suction fan sucks up fine dust on the rails, and the collected dust can be easily thrown away.
●Almighty usage is possible
By replacing the suction fan with a disk, you can clean the top surface of the rail. Use the dry method when it is very dirty, and the wet method otherwise. For the wet type, use the <6401> rail cleaner (sold separately) together to increase the cleaning effect. In addition, the body has a built-in cleaner liquid tank.
● Power supply mode can be selected by mode switch
The small switch on the front of the car body is "CL-POWER" (power mode: when using the power unit N with constant lighting (CL) type, the disc can be rotated at high speed regardless of the speed of the tow vehicle), "ON" (normal Mode: Can be switched between "disc rotates according to towing vehicle speed" and "OFF". It also has a built-in safety circuit that cuts off electricity in the event of an abnormality.
-Towing locomotive is set in ED61 original color red
- Equipped with flywheel power
- Headlight lighting type
- Number maker's plate included
- Handrail, signal flame tube integrated type
-Equipped with M coupler

Product content
● ED61 (red)
● Multi-cleaning car (red)
●Dry disk
Wet disk
●Brush brush
● Change tool
- License plate runner
●Maker plate runner
- Whistle / signal flame tube runner