Tomix 9463 JNR Kiro 25 Diesel Car N Scale

Tomix 9463 JNR Kiro 25 Diesel Car N Scale

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The Kiha 55 series is a semi-emergency railcar that debuted in 1956.
Based on the 2-engine 3rd class Kiha 55, 1-engine 3rd class Kiha 26, all-room 2nd class Kiro 25, and 2nd and 3rd class hybrid KIHA 25 were manufactured.
The windows of the Kiha55, Kiha26, and Kiroha25 were changed to one-step raised windows during production, resulting in a change in appearance.
After the appearance of the Kiha 58 series, it was changed to an express color based on the same series and was active in express and semi-express trains.
In the latter half of the 1960s, due to the obsolescence of customer service facilities, the Kilo 25 series was downgraded to a regular car while the interior was left as it was, and the name was changed to the Kiha 26-400 series.

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Product name
JNR diesel car Kilometer 25 type (express color)
- High grade (HG) specification
- New production of headlight prism that does not turn black when not lit
- Jumper hose can be reproduced three-dimensionally with separate parts
-Reproduce the appearance of the rain gutter with a red belt
- H rubber is reproduced in gray
-The seat is reproduced in red
- Head and tail lights are equipped with a constantly lit board, with an ON-OFF switch
-The headlights are light bulb color LEDs, and the taillights are lit by red LEDs.
-Grade band, grade display, and car number are selectable and transfer sheets are included.
●Cream-colored front crossplate is already installed.
-The headlight can reproduce the appearance of one light type, and the two light type can also be reproduced with the attached parts.
-New power collection system, black wheels
- TN coupler (SP) standard equipment

Product content
- Kilometer 25 (express color)

- Runner parts: signal flame tube
- Runner parts: Snow plow, toilet sink pipe
- Runner parts: Headlight ring for 2 lights
- Runner parts: coupler chain
- Runner parts: jumper hose
-Parts: Hood frame
-Parts: Drilling jig for signal flame tube
-Transfer sheet: car number etc.