Tomix 9470 JNR Type Kiha 40-500 Later Version N Scale
Tomix 9470 JNR Type Kiha 40-500 Later Version N Scale
Tomix 9470 JNR Type Kiha 40-500 Later Version N Scale

Tomix 9470 JNR Type Kiha 40-500 Later Version N Scale

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Kiha 40 series is a general type diesel car that appeared in 1977.
The Kiha 40 type is a vehicle that features a double cab and a single opening passenger door among the Kiha 40 series.
Kiha 40 type 500 is a vehicle for cold climates, and the side windows adopt upper tier lower and lower tier rising sash windows. rice field.
In the 500s, there are differences in the placement of windows and seats and the shape of the side downspouts depending on the time of manufacture, and in the mid-term model after No. 521, the placement of windows and interiors has been changed from the previous vehicle, and No. 554. In later models, the side downspouts were changed to a shape that was stored inside the car body.

part number
Product name
JNR Diesel Car Kiha 40-500 (late model) (M)
- High grade (HG) specification
- Of the Kiha 40 type 500 series manufactured for cold regions, the late model after 554 with the side downspouts stored inside the car body is reproduced.
- The front window glass reproduces the appearance with a defroster
- Typhon is a selection formula from four types of [shutter type / slit type] each large and small
-The front display part is replaceable and pre-printed parts [Normal (dark blue)] are installed.
-Replacement front display parts [Rapid] [(white background)] included
-Car number and JR mark are selectable and transfer sheet included
- Head and tail lights, front display is equipped with a constantly lit board, with ON-OFF switch
- Head / tail light, front display is lit by white LED
-The headlights are lit in a color close to the light bulb color by adopting a color prism.
- H rubber is reproduced in gray
-The seat is reproduced in blue
- Shoe rails and door rails are printed in silver
- Adoption of power with flywheel
- Black wheels adopted
- TN coupler (SP) standard equipment

Product content
- Kiha 40-500 (Late model / M)

- Runner parts: train radio antenna, signal flame tube
- Runner parts: Typhon
- Runner parts: front display parts
- Runner parts: jumper hose
-Parts: Hood frame
-Parts: Obstacle escaper
-Parts: Toilet sink pipe
-Parts: Jig
-Transfer sheet: car number etc.