Tomix 9509 Passenger Car OHANI 36 with Luggage Area Brow

Tomix 9509 Passenger Car OHANI 36 with Luggage Area Brow

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Ohani 36 is a cargo package car of 60 series passenger car that appeared using the frame of wooden passenger car.
Unlike other 60 series ordinary cars, the room facilities were designed for the Suha 43 system because it was designed for honors trains.

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JNR Passenger Car Ohani 36 Shaped (Brown)

● 60 series old type passenger cargo baggage truck
● Body color is brown in color
● The door on the passenger side can be replaced with a steel door (H rubber window small · tea) with an optional part sold separately, reproduced with a steel press door (H rubber window)
● Underfloor equipment and bridge parts are reproduced with steam heating vehicles
● Protective sticks in luggage compartments delicately expressed by printing
- Dummy coupler that increases the sense of fineness of the last tail, end beam parts, release Tekopatsu included
● Car number included in transfer sheet with selection formula
● New current collecting system, adopting black wheels
● Supports self-contained TN coupler option

Product contents

● Ohani 36 (brown)

● Parts: dummy coupler body
● Parts: dummy coupler pedestal
● Parts: end beams
● Parts: Bogie frame (no coupler branch)
● Transfer sheet: car number etc