Tomix 9515 Passenger Car OHAFU 62 Brown N Scale

Tomix 9515 Passenger Car OHAFU 62 Brown N Scale

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Normal lighting tail light New current collecting system Optional part Indoor lighting unit for constant lighting Indoor lighting unit TN coupler
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Oha 62 was used in Oka 61 system modified steel body using the frame of wooden passenger car for the cold weather such as double window, was used in Hokkaido and northeast North.
Ohafu 62 was a car with a conductor 's room on the outside from the deck, with a tail light and a backward surveillance window on his wife' s face.
For the convenience of freight cars entering the Kushiro line etc, we could not directly receive steam for heating from the locomotive, and an independent warm air heater was under the floor.

Part No. 9515
Item name JNR Passenger Carrier Ohafu 62

● Refined Ohaf 62 for Hokkaido of Steel body passenger car Ohafu 61
● Reproduce double window frame of side window
● Window frame is reproduced with wooden type (brown printing)
● Reproduction of axle generator for Muroran main line by belt type
- Reproducible gear type axle generator with attached parts (truck mounted)
- The warm air heater parts included in the vehicle that was used on the Kushiro line are included
● The side door can be changed to H rubber window type with optional press parts installed
● Wife's side tail light on the conductor's side can be lit
● When using the conductor's compartment side in the last part, end beams around the coupler become real, dummy coupler parts included
● Car number included in transfer sheet with selection formula
● New current collecting system, adopting black wheels

Product contents

● Ohafu 62

● Runner parts: gear type axle generator
● Runner parts: warm air heater, fuel tank
● Parts: Under the floor parts (no axle generator)
● Parts: dummy coupler body
● Parts: dummy coupler pedestal
● Parts: end beam
● Parts: Bogie frame (no coupler branch)
● Transfer sheet: car number