Tomix 9516 Passenger Car SUHA 45 Blue N Scale

Tomix 9516 Passenger Car SUHA 45 Blue N Scale

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Suha 45 is a vehicle that made the spa 43 for the honorable train into a cold weather specification such as double window, Honda gear axle generator, large storage battery box for Hokkaido.
Each express train in Hokkaido and the later years were used for ordinary trains, and it was an old type passenger car that remained to the end.

● Reproduction of Suha 45 for Hokkaido for superior trains
● Reproduce double window frame of side window
● Window frame is reproduced with wooden type (blue printing)
● Reproduction of gear type axle generator newly (Trolley user installed)
● Battery box under the floor is large and reproduced
● The side door can be changed to H rubber window type with optional press parts installed
● Car number included in transfer sheet with selection formula
● New current collecting system, adopting black wheels

Product contents
● Suha 45

● Runner parts: gear type axle generator
● Transfer sheet: car number