Tomix 98438  115-300 Series Suburban Train (Shonan Color) Add-on Set A  N Scale

Tomix 98438 115-300 Series Suburban Train (Shonan Color) Add-on Set A N Scale

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115-300 Series Suburban Train (Shonan Color) Add-on Set A
Series 115 is a suburban train for graded lines that appeared in 1963.
The 300th generation, which was manufactured from 1973, has undergone model changes such as the installation of a cooling device and the unit sash of the side window, and the car operated on the Tohoku, Takasaki, and Sanyo main lines is in green and yellowish red Shonan color. I was wearing.
● High grade (HG) specifications
-Moha 114 of basic set B is an additional 4-car set of trailer cars
-Kuha 115 Odd car jumper hose as a separate part
-For the front head TN coupler of the leading car, use the same body receiving part as 115 series Shimonoseki yellow, with a piping mold on the side
● Equipped with TN coupler with piping on each connecting surface
● The light-shielding unit of the leading car adopts a type with an operation display, and an operation number sticker is attached.
● Head / tail light, front display is equipped with a constantly lit board, with ON-OFF switch
● Head / tail lights and front display are lit by light bulb color LEDs
● The front display is lit in a color close to white due to the adoption of a color prism.
-The front display is replaceable and comes with pre-printed parts "normal (dark blue)" "normal (white)" "rapid" "(white)"
● JR mark and car number are selectable and come with a transfer sheet
● New current collection system and black wheels adopted
● TN coupler (SP) standard equipment

Product content
● Kuha 115-300 (odd car)
● Moha 115-300
● Moha 114-300 (T)
● Kuha 115-300 (even cars)

● Runner parts: train radio antenna, whistle
● Runner parts: Front display
● Runner parts: Thai phone
● Runner parts: Jumper hose, ATS on-board child
● Runner parts: Jumper plug
● Parts: Top frame (thin)
● Parts: Top frame (thick type)
● Parts: Toilet tank
● Parts: Sink pipe
● Parts: Snowplow
● Parts: Jig
● Sticker: Service number
● Transfer sheet: Car number, affiliation notation