Tomix 98690 Limited Express and Kitty Bus x4 Set
Tomix 98690 Limited Express and Kitty Bus x4 Set

Tomix 98690 Limited Express and Kitty Bus x4 Set

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Series 281 is a limited express train that has been operating since 1994 for the Kansai Airport Access Limited Express “Haruka”.
It features Cosmo Gray on the shoulder and Strat Blue on the hem, based on white with the image of clouds shining in the sky.
Emergency doors are provided at the top, and tail lights are designed on the left and right of the coupler.
Wrapping of "Hello Kitty Haruka" started in 2019, and the HA603 organization has a paper crane theme design.
-Reproduce the 281 series [Hello Kitty Haruka Ori-Tsuru]
-Kuha 281 reproduces the figure with the luggage compartment door buried
● New motor (M-13) adopted
-Adopt a package using an illustrated sleeve
● Haruka logo is printed
-JR mark on the roof of Kuha Saha Kuro has been printed
● The car number is printed
-The interior of the car is reproduced with color sheets
-Side glass reproduces smoked glass
● Head and tail lights are always lit and equipped with ON-OFF switch
● Headlight is lit by bulb color LED
-Headlight lighting function that lights up regardless of the traveling direction for connecting the leading cars
-9-car train can be reproduced by combining this product and part number 98673
● Powered with flywheel
● New collector system and silver wheels
-TN coupler (SP) equipped only on the top car cab side

Product content
-Kuha 281-3
-Moha 281-5 (M)
-Saha 281-103
● Saha 281-3
● Moha 281-6
● Black 280-3

Bus x4
The Bus Collection Wrapping Bus Series!
Commercialized a Kawasaki Norway x Hello Kitty collaboration wrapping bus that runs in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.