Pre Order Tomix 98792 JNR 185-200 Series Limited Express Train (Shinkansen Relay) N Scale

Pre Order Tomix 98792 JNR 185-200 Series Limited Express Train (Shinkansen Relay) N Scale

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The 185 series is a DC limited express train that started operation in 1981.
The 200th generation was introduced for the purpose of replacing the 165 series of the Shinmaebashi train ward, and the cold and snow resistant structure has been strengthened compared to the 0th generation.
The body color is based on Cream No. 10 and has a green No. 14 belt under the window to harmonize with the Tohoku and Joetsu Shinkansen.
It was operated as the "Shinkansen Relay" between Ueno and Omiya on June 23, 1982, in line with the pre-opening of the Tohoku Shinkansen between Omiya and Morioka.
After the Tohoku Shinkansen opened to Ueno, it was used for each "new limited express" train that upgraded the express trains operating on the Tohoku and Takasaki lines.

Product number
Product name
JNR 185-200 series limited express train (Shinkansen relay) set

● High grade (HG) specifications
-The skirt reproduces the original appearance with new production
-Kuha reproduces the appearance with a cover on the front tie phone part
-Salo reproduces the appearance peculiar to the 200s with a toilet window
● The car number is selectable and a transfer sheet is included.
● JNR mark and green car mark are printed
● Shoe shavings and door rails are printed in silver
● The toilet sink pipe is already installed as a separate part, and the toilet tank is included.
-ATS car top child parts included
● Head / tail light train mark is equipped with a constantly lit board and has an ON-OFF switch.
● Head and tail light train mark is lit by white LED
● The headlights are lit in a color close to the color of a light bulb due to the adoption of a color prism.
● The train mark is printed and "Shinkansen contact only" is already installed.
Includes "Tanigawa / Shirone / Akagi / Express"
● Power adopted with flywheel
● New current collection system, black wheels adopted
● M-13 motor adopted
● The cab side of the leading car uses a TN coupler (SP) with a small body support.
● TN coupler (SP) with piping is standard equipment between each connecting surface.

Product content
● Kuha 185-200
● Salo 185-200
● Moha 184-200
● Moha 185-200 (M)
● Moha 184-200
● Moha 185-200 (T)
● Kuha 185-300

● Runner parts: Limited express symbol mark (small)
● Runner parts: ATS on-board child
● Runner parts: Jumper plugs, etc.
● Runner parts: Train mark
● Runner parts: Wireless antenna, etc.
● Parts: Snowplow
● Parts: Toilet tank R
● Parts: Jig
● Sticker: Train number
● Transfer sheet: Car number