Tomix 98822 Series 485-700 Resort YAMADORI N Scale
Tomix 98822 Series 485-700 Resort YAMADORI N Scale
Tomix 98822 Series 485-700 Resort YAMADORI N Scale

Tomix 98822 Series 485-700 Resort YAMADORI N Scale

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JR 485-700 series train (Resort Yamadori) set

The 485 series is a limited express train that was introduced in 1968 and is compatible with direct current and AC 50Hz/60Hz, representing Japan National Railways.
-In the 1990s, many Joyful Trains of the same series appeared in the form of modifications and new bodywork based on the 485 series, as reinforcements and successor vehicles to the previously active passenger car type Joyful Train.
Resort Yamadori was introduced as a new ``fun train'' in conjunction with the 2011 ``Gunma Destination Campaign''.
As for the vehicle, the 485 series Yamanami/Seseragi, which had previously been used as a parlor train, has been modified again, and the exterior of the car body has been changed to grape color No. 2 and dark yellow, and the interior has been changed from a parlor to a seat.
It was mainly used on the limited express ``Resort Kusatsu'' and ``Resort Yamadori,'' which travel to tourist spots on the Azuma Line, as well as the ``Tanigawadake Mogura'' and ``Tanigawadake Loop,'' which travel around the border section of the Joetsu Line.
While the other 485 series were retiring, in his later years he was active with the 485 series Banchi and Hana, who became colleagues due to transfer, but Banchi retired on February 23, 2019, and Hana retired on October 31, 2022. , the last remaining resort Yamadori was retired as of December 11, 2022.
With the retirement of Resort Yamadori, all models of the 485 series, which were active for a long time from the JNR era to the Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa eras, have been retired.
●High grade (HG) specifications
-Reproduce the 485 series 700th resort Yamadori, which was active mainly in the metropolitan area, with a new production
-Head/tail lights and front display are equipped with a constantly lit board
-Headlights are light bulb color and taillights are lit red.
-Signal flame tube is already installed
-Shoe rails, door rails, and car numbers are already printed
-Front display section is selectable and stickers are included
-Kuha 484/485-703 type and Moha 484-704 type toilet tanks are newly manufactured and installed.
●Powered by flywheel
-New current collection system, silver wheels adopted
-M-13 motor adopted
-The driver's cab side of the first car is equipped with a dummy coupler.
●Each connection side is equipped with a TN coupler (SP) with piping as standard.

●Kuha 484-703
●Moha 484-703(M)
●Moha 485-703
●Moha 484-704
●Moha 485-704
●Kuha 485-703

●Seal: For front display section