Tomix 98839 E231-500 Cimmuter Train Chuo Sobu Line N Scale
Tomix 98839 E231-500 Cimmuter Train Chuo Sobu Line N Scale

Tomix 98839 E231-500 Cimmuter Train Chuo Sobu Line N Scale

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JR E231-500 series commuter train (Chuo/Sobu Line local trains/updated cars) Basic set

The E231 series is a commuter and suburban train developed by JR East and is active in various DC sections in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
The E231-500 series was introduced in 2002 for the Yamanote Line.
With the introduction of the E235-0 series to the Yamanote Line, the E231-500 series was transferred to the Mitaka Vehicle Center, and the body belt was changed to yellow.
In addition, some of the underfloor equipment of the Moha E231 type was updated upon transfer.

- Reproduce the E231-500 series updated car belonging to Mitaka Vehicle Center
-Reproduce the added front of the home detection device with new production
-The underfloor of Moha E231 type reproduces the appearance of updated equipment.
-A 10-car train can be reproduced by combining this product (cars 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 10) with product number 98840.
-The side external speaker section is expressed in three-dimensional sculpture.
-The car body is reproduced in two types of silver
-Equipped with reinforced skirt
-JR mark is already printed
-Car number can be selected and transfer sheet included
- Reproduce the side green glass
-The front display part has already been equipped with printed front display parts, and replacement parts are included.
-Head/tail lights and front display are equipped with a constantly lit board
-Head/tail lights and front display section are lit by white LEDs
-The driver's cab side of the first car is equipped with a dummy coupler.
●Powered by flywheel
-New current collection system, black wheels adopted
-M-13 motor adopted

Product content
●Kuha E231-500
●Moha E231-500(T)
●Moha E230-500
●Moha E231-500(M)
●Moha E230-500
●Kuha E230-500

-Runner parts: Lightning arrester
-Runner parts: train radio antenna, etc.
-Runner parts: Front display parts
●Transfer sheet: car number, etc.