Tomix HO-2009 JR EF81 Electric Locomotive 81 Revived Calling Color HO Scle

Tomix HO-2009 JR EF81 Electric Locomotive 81 Revived Calling Color HO Scle

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EF81 appeared in 1968 as an electric locomotive for both AC and DC compatible with both DC and AC 50Hz and 60Hz.
The operation started on the Nihonkai Longitudinal Line, which has DC and AC 50 / 60Hz sections, and then expanded the operation line area due to its high versatility.
In the JNR era, No. 81, which was selected for calling operation, became Hokutosei color, but in 2014, the paint that was similar to the previous calling operation was reproduced, and is active in events such as Cassiopeia passenger cars, event trains and temporary construction tow trains.

-Reproduce the current No. 81 machine in the form of a silver belt in rose pink
-Handrails, release levers, etc. are reproduced in silver
-The silver band on the side will be reproduced with matte silver printing
-"Hokutosei" "Cassiopeia" "Akebono" "Yuzuru" printed head mark included
-The ward name tag frame is printed in silver
-H rubber of each window is reproduced in black
-NGK parts are green, high voltage wiring parts are silver
-Car number comes with etching number plate (EF81-81)
-Manufacturer's plate, end notation comes with etching plate
-Body markings such as ATS and inspection marks are printed
-Ward name tag seal included
-Comes with a silver coupler for decoration (not connected towing)
-Pedestal parts for Joban radio antenna included
● The headlight has a bulb-colored LED and an ON-OFF switch.
● Use the energizing terminal with the resistor cover on the roof removed.
-Passing curve is R600 mm or more (excluding S-shape)
Product content

-EF81 (No. 81 machine, revival calling paint)

● Runner parts (etching): license plate
● Runner parts (etching): Manufacturer's plate
● Runner parts (etching): Wiper
● Runner parts: head mark
● Runner parts: Liberation lever
● Runner parts: handrail (silver)
● Runner parts: handrail (rose pink)
● Runner parts: whistle, train radio antenna
● Runner parts: Signal flame tube
● Runner parts: decorative coupler (silver)
● Runner parts: Electric heating indicator
● Runner parts: pedestal for Joban radio antenna
● Runner parts: air hose, trolley step, etc.
● Parts: Jig
● Seal: Ward name tag