Tomix HO-2501 JR EH800 Electric Locomotive ( Prestige Model )

Tomix HO-2501 JR EH800 Electric Locomotive ( Prestige Model )

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The EH800 type was developed on the basis of the EH500 type as a locomotive compatible with both facilities such as double voltage because the Shinkansen and conventional lines of the Seikan Tunnel were shared by the opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen in the spring of 2016.
Currently, up to Unit 19 has appeared, and 20 units are active along with Unit 901.

-Reproduce the new locomotive EH800 type 1-19 of the Seikan Tunnel
● Prestige model with parts installed
● Drawbar system is used for connecting both cars
-Car number is selectable (EH800-1, 5, 9, 14) included
● The ward name tag is printed with "5" and "coins"
● JRF mark printed
-Reproduce the "JR FREIGHT" mark under the driver's seat side window
-Reproduction of car body marks such as corner S and inspection marks by printing
● Integrated plate wheel
-H rubber is reproduced in black
● Lighting with light bulb color LED headlights
● Driver with EN22 motor + flywheel made by CANON
● Maintenance terminals are included as separate parts
Minimum passing radius: R550
● <The following parts will be installed in metal>
・ Pantograph ・ Handrails ・ Wiper ・ Signal flame tube ・ Air hose
● <The following parts will be fitted with plastic parts>
・ Dolly step, whistle, liberation lever

Product content
● EH800 (1 end car / PS)
● EH800 (2-end car / PS)

● Runner parts (metal): license plate, end notation
● Runner parts (metal): Energizing terminal
-Parts: Coupler S between vehicles (with hose)
-Parts: Car body coupler L (with hose)
● Parts: Energizing terminal holder