Tomytec 118 Pedestrian Deck Diorama View N Scale
Tomytec 118 Pedestrian Deck Diorama View N Scale

Tomytec 118 Pedestrian Deck Diorama View N Scale

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General term for a series that faithfully reproduces the real thing on a 1/150 scale (N gauge), from buildings to trees, trains, buses, cars, and figures. In addition to being collectible, it is characterized by the fact that you can easily enjoy making a diorama.

[Collect, easy, diorama making]
- A drama is born from a mini diorama that combines buildings and vehicles.

[Station square redevelopment / Pedestrian deck]
- Contents of the set:
· Pedestrian deck (passage (long) x 3, passage (short) x 1, stairs (wide) x 4, stairs (narrow) x 1, connection (with legs) x 4, side wall, station connection (entrance))
· Elevator
・Outdoor lights x6
・Accessories (clock tower, information board)

【Major features】
-Each part is designed to fall apart. Parts can be added or replaced freely during assembly.
- Elevator is divided up and down. You can choose 4 directions for the entrance on the ground.
- It is adjusted to the height that can be connected to the bridge station building (modern type).

●Elevator ground entrance/exit can be changed in any direction (4 directions).
-Aisles and stairs are made up of separate parts, so you can combine them as you like. Expansion using two or more sets is also possible.
-Two types of stairs with different widths are set.
-The full length of the aisle (length) is 74mm, and consideration is given to cooperation with the bus collection running system.
- Since the lower deck is set high, you can enjoy combining it with a tram. (passable height: up to about 45 mm)

*Adhesion is required for assembly.
* High degree of assembly difficulty (compared to our company)
* The station connection part is a simple one (please use it by attaching it to the station side)

- Target age: 15 years old and over
* The photo of the package is a prototype and may differ from the actual product.
* The photo of the package is an image of a combination of geocolle, TOMIX products, etc. sold separately.

- Fully painted
- Assembly kit
- N gauge 1/150 scale