10-1780 Specially Planned Product Series 381 6-Car Set (Especially Planned)

10-1780 Specially Planned Product Series 381 <JNR Revival YAKUMO> 6-Car Set (Especially Planned)

The 381 series is a pendulum-type limited express DC train that appeared in 1973. It was introduced to the limited express ``Yakumo'' in 1982, and continues to be active even after being transferred to JR, undergoing renovations and paint changes. In March 2022, the ``JNR Color Revival Yakumo'' appeared and became a hot topic to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the start of Hakubi Line operation. Among them, the Kumoha 381-507, the lead car of the Okayama side, was equipped with an automatic uncoupling device and a large skirt, and became a unique vehicle as the 381 series 500 series and the ``first Japanese National Railways colored'' vehicle. In addition, in March 2023, as the second stage of the revival project, the "JNR" mark that was posted on the side of the lead car during the JNR era was reproduced.
In addition to recreating the appearance of the car body, which has been renovated as a revival formation, and wearing JNR colors, you can also enjoy powerful driving on curved sections with a pendulum mechanism similar to the actual car.

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