18 June 2024 KATO 10-1675 British High Speed Train CLASS 800 !!!

LNER Class800/1 9-Car Set
Class 800, developed by Hitach, Ltd., debuted to replace the conventional HST (High Speed Diesel Train) under the IEP being promoted in U.K. Class 800 was manufactured in Kasado factory of Hitachi, Ltd., Yamaguchi, Japan and Hitachi Rail U.K. factory in the bi-mode to be able to pass directly electrified and unelectrified areas. Kato will make newly the model of Class 800/1 consisting of 9 cars, which is characterized by such features as inner-framed bogiges, middle cars with simple rooftops and middle cars, all of which are 1st class coaches, that is different fromt the predecessor train of 5 cars.

There are only a few copies available.

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