19200 series Awoniyoshi Kintetsu

It began operating in April 2020 as a sightseeing express train that connects the three capitals of Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto without transfers. ``Awoyoshi'' is a Japanese word for Nara that describes the splendor of Heijo-kyo. We named it with the hope that it would become a sightseeing express that symbolizes historic Nara.

A design that lets you feel the history and culture of the ancient capital of Nara
The exterior is colored in a rosewood metallic color based on purple, which was considered a noble color during the Tenpyo period, with gold lines. Decorating the front of the vehicle is an emblem featuring a flower-eating bird, which is said to be a sign of happiness. The sides are wrapped with the floral pattern used in the Shosoin's treasure, the Raden Rose Sandalwood Five-String Biwa.

The interior of the train has a design that incorporates Japanese elements into Western style. The twin seats in Cars 1, 3, and 4 are custom-made by a furniture manufacturer, with one facing the window and the other facing each other. The salon seats in Car 2 are semi-private rooms separated by partitions, and are characterized by arches in the aisles and the largest windows on Kintetsu.

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