2022 Happy New Year !!!

A Happy New Year !!

It's 2022. In Japan, there is a word that generally means "Happy new year. Thank you again this year." Write it on a postcard and send it to your acquaintances and friends. However, the number of postcards is decreasing recently thanks to SNS. Christmas letter, what about your country? SNS and emails are great, but Christmas letters are also nice.

By the way, in January, new product plans came out again. KATO N700S Shinkansen. KATO 10-1711 Revival Color Special Rapid Service. 50 series RED passenger cars will also be shipped. And TOMIX is also planning the N700S Shinkansen. It's the current N700S. Why are the same types of KATO and TOMIX shipped in this way? that's strange. If TOMIX advertised in June 2021, it will appear in August 2021. Are they rivals? By the way, at the exhibition, the staff talked with each other.

Have a nice day !!


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