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The Tokaido Blue Train Electric Locomotive EF66-0 Late Stage, now makes its new appearance fully upgraded as it could be seen in the first half of the 2000s. It possesses the hauling power to pull the 15 passenger cars, all equipped with interior lights, along routes with an incline of 4% and is suitable for a variety of layouts.
The vehicle runs and hauls more smoothly and more quietly than previous products thanks to the slotless motor, making operations with the long-consist Blue Train enjoyable.

The debut of the Tobu Skytree Line 50050, which offers a direct connection through three of Japan's prefectures - from Kuki/Minami-Kurihashi in the nothern Saitama Prefecture to Chuo-Rinkan in the southern Kanagawa Prefecture, passing Tokyo.
The Tobu Model 50050, which is based on the Tojo Line Model 50000, was introduced in 2005 and functions as a direct train with 10 cars. Trains after Model 50061F are considered part of the late stage series, which is characterized by the lack of a forced ventilation system, and large single pane windows. In recent years, the headlights have been swapped to LED lights.

DE10 is an all-purpose diesel locomotive which is capable of carrying out the two functions which contradict each other, smooth run on branch lines and switching heavy trains accurately in a yard. 708 locomotives were manufactured between 1966 and 1978. It is featured with a semi-center cab and independent 3 axle and 2 axle (5 axle) drive wheels. While it is being replaced with newer models one after another, DE10 is still in service across Japan by going through renewal modifications.

A new Small Strip Mall is now joining the KATO selection of scenery accessories. Based on popular one-story shop complexes, this type of structure is commonly seen along the railroads and highways. Pre-assembled and molded in color, the Small Strip Mall can be placed at various locations on your layout with or without parking areas. The Small Strip Mall can be combined with the new "Metro" series structures to expand commercial and business property activity near a rail station.

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