April 2024 KATO

DD51 diesel locomotive with a center cab made its debut in 1962. While such a center cab diesel locomotive had been mostly used as a switcher in Europe and USA, DD51 was used here on main lines, too, to pull sleeper “blue trains” and high-speed container trains throughout Japan. The diesel locomotive can be seen still often on un-electrified lines in many regions in Japan.

EF65 500 was manufactured in 1964 and later for high speed transport, based on its predessesor EF60. It was very popular, pulling blue sleeper trains or Series 1000 high-speed freight trains.

The 227 series 1000 series is a 2-car direct current suburban train that started operating in 2019 with the aim of improving safety and service levels, replacing the old Japanese National Railways type vehicles that were often used in the Wakayama area. It's a shape train. It is characterized by a green-based coloring that "expresses the depth of culture, history, and nature that are common to the Nara and Wakayama areas in which it travels." The exterior is similar to the 227 series 0 series, but there are changes in various parts to suit the operating mode, such as a door opening/closing guidance indicator next to the side sliding door and a long seat inside the car. It is active in regional transportation on the Wakayama Line, Manyo Mahoroba Line (Sakurai Line), and Kinokuni Line (Kise Main Line).


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