April 2024 KATO

DD51-0 Diesel Loco (for warm regions)
Here appears a scale model of the initial mass production version of the diesel locomotive DD51 which were manufactured from 1964 to 1965.
This is a diesel locomotive which suits trains in West Japan and Kyushu at the time of JNR. Also suitable for towing 10-1872/1873 Series 20 Sleeper Express "Sakura" Nagasaki/Sasebo Consists.

EF65 500 was manufactured in 1964 and later for high speed transport, based on its predessesor EF60. It was very popular, pulling blue sleeper trains or Series 1000 high-speed freight trains.

Series 20 "Sakura" Nagasaki Consist 8-Car Set / Series 20 "Sakura" Sasebo Consist 8-Car Set
Limited Express Sleeper "Sakura", that was operated with Series 20 cars in 1964, represents JNR in deed as well as the nickname meaning cherry blossoms.


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