Aug ( and Nove ) 2023 KATO Product to be released

10-1825 1245

Electric Train Hankyu Series 6300 made its debut in 1975. At that time, it was an representative electric train for the privat railway company, Hankyu, and was opearated as express train to Kyoto in the Western Japan. It is equipped with 2 doors on each side of a car and the body is painted in the elegant "Hankyu Maroon" with gray roof.
●Hankyu Railway Series 6300 Kyoto Line (with Small Windows) 4-Car Basic Set
Introducing a new model of a version of the Hankyu Railway Series 6300, which is a two door car train with reversible-backrest cross seats. It operated mainly as a limited express on the Hankyu Kyoto Main Line, which connects Umeda and Kawaramachi. The Series 6300 was active for a long time as the queen of Hankyu Railways.


10-1639 1640

In 2011, the Series E657 made its debut as a limited express AC/DC electric train on the Joban Line. It is a crucial train that represents the Joban Line with its sharp frontal design and the aluminium double skin in its cross section, which is based on the Series E259.
The color of the body is designed after the white plum blossoms of Kairakuen Garden, which can be found along the Joban Line. The base of the body is white, with red accents recalling red plum blossom trees under the windows, and a lavender gray at the bottom. These colors come together to give the train a cheerful exterior look.


TAKI 1000  10-1801 

The N-scale model of TAKI 1000, the most popular contemporary tank car, will be available from Kato.
TAKI 1000 emerged in 1993 as a high speed tank car which could be operated at the maximum speed of 95 km/h. It consists of 45 ton tank body and FT 21 trucks of series KOKI 100. As many as 988 cars had been produced till 2019 and owned by two companies, Japan Oil Transportation and Japan Oil Terminal and Logistics Co., Ltd.
TAKI 1000 (Late Stage) is in the simple livery of Japan Oil Transportation without Eco Rail sign, etc. that are seen in Nagoya area. So the tank cars can be pulled by locomotives DF200 and EF64 1000 JR Freight, etc. which are planned for the simultaneous release.

● Tank Car TAKI 1000 appeared in 1993 as a high function tank car operable at the maximum speed of 95 km/h per hour to speed up freight trains. Later on, it was improved and increased in 28 years until the production quantity reached 1,008 in 2021. This is a special version celebrating it by painting in tricolor of the two owners of Nihon Sekiyu Yuso and Nihon Oil terminal plus the operator JR Freight.

■ Kato will make an N scale model of Tank Car TAKI 1000 Late Stage 10-Car Set including "1000th Memorial Number Car Paint". Normal color scheme TAKI 1000's will be all released in the set with different car numbers from the existing items. So those who have them already are also recommended for the purchase.

●Tank Car TAKI1000 Late Stage Japan Oil Terminal with ENEOS/Eco Rail Mark 8-Car Set/ Tank Car TAKI1000 Late Stage Japan Oil Terminal with ENEOS/Eco Rail Mark
The TAKI1000 is a high speed tank car that was introduced in 1993 and can reach a maximum speed of 95 km/h. After No. 403, the truck was renewed and replaced with the FT21A truck, which has no planks for reinforcment. The TAKI1000 is coated in the green and gray of Japan Oil Transportation Co., Ltd. and has the ENEOS and Eco Rail marks on it. It is used for railway oil transportation from the oil refinery in the coastel region of Negishi in Shinagawa to inland areas like Nagano.


And  Resale 22-102 Sound Box


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