August 2022 Greenmax Kintetsu Express

The Kintetsu 22600 series Ace is a new general-purpose limited express vehicle that appeared as a replacement for the 12200 series. There are 2-car trains and 4-car trains, and the smoking room installed in the leading car without pantographs is also a feature of this type in appearance.
The body is based on the 22000 series ACE and is designed to incorporate new designs such as a rounded front shape, enlarged side windows, and a single arm pantograph. In terms of operation, it is often seen that it is combined with other limited express cars 12200 series to 22000 series.
Since December 2012, some trains have been remodeled to accommodate the Hanshin Line, and the skirt shape has changed.

The Kintetsu 22000 series ACE is a vehicle that appeared in 1992 as a new generation limited express vehicle. While following the noble interior design of the 21000 series "Urban Liner" and 26000 series "Sakura Liner", the seat structure has been redesigned and barrier-free equipment has been introduced. In all aspects, from interior and exterior design to vehicle performance, it was manufactured under a design concept that sets it apart from conventional Kintetsu limited express vehicles.
Renewal work has been carried out since November 2015, and a smoking room has been installed and the new Kintetsu general-purpose express color has been changed.

Organization diagram

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