August 2024 Kato

Shonan-colored E217 series that ran on the Tokaido Line
We will commercialize the E217 series, which wore the Shonan color and was active on the Tokaido Line.
The E217 series originally appeared as a vehicle for the Yokosuka Line and Sobu Rapid Line, but three formations were repurposed in 2006 to replace the 113 series on the Tokaido Line. Because the Yokosuka/Sobu Rapid Line and the Tokaido Line have different compositions, they were reassembled from 11+4 cars to 10+5 cars, and operation began after modifications such as couplings were made. After that, the equipment was updated from 2008 to 2012 and operated until 2015, after which it returned to its original service on the Yokosuka Line and Sobu Rapid Line.
The product will be a set configuration that you can enjoy with a full 15-car formation. It is in the form of the original skirt under the floor before the equipment update, and the destination display sticker includes the "120th anniversary of Yokohama-Kokufu Tsuma opening" head mark and the "120th anniversary of Shinbashi-Kobe full service" head mark.

Yokohama High-Speed Railways is a joint public-private venture, invested by Yokohama City and Kanagawa Prefecture, etc. who owns Minato Mirai line operated between Yokohama and Motomachi/China Town.
Series Y500 was put in service in 2004 when the Minato Mirai line was inaugurated. Despite almost the same look as Tokyu series 5000, it dons the paint scheme on the body sides consisting of blue symbolizing sea waves in Yokohama Bay, yellow gradation representing Yokohama as a vibrant city and the top side metallic blue signifying it as a developing city.

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