August New Kato German Train !! DB ET425

Good morning . Kato said It will sell in August . Reservation will finished in 21 April . If you are interested in it , please let me know .


The DB ET425 suburban train, which handles regional transportation within Germany, is operated as a Legional Express (a type equivalent to a rapid train in Japan) or S-Bahn in each region such as Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hanover, and Berlin. It's a train. From 1999 to 2008, a total of 249 trains were introduced to replace the conventional ET420 and passenger trains. It is a 4-car articulated system, and the weight is reduced by adopting an aluminum body, and it can be seen that it is operated in a combined form as needed.
The feature is that the notation of each part of the car body differs depending on the area where it is active, and this product can be reproduced by selecting the notation of your choice from the attached sticker.
You can enjoy driving with Germany's leading high-speed train ICE4, international train Thalys PBKA, and various TGV trains.


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