E1 MAX TOMIX 98815

Nicknamed "Max", JR East's all-double-decker Shinkansen has become a familiar presence.
When the E1 series was first released, it had a surprising presence that made it stand out as a "special Shinkansen".
With the addition of the E1 series and the emergence of the E4 series, the second-generation "Max", which replaced the 200 series one after another, the "maverick" turned into a "main force".

Compared to the E4 series, which can operate 8 cars or 16 cars flexibly according to the traffic volume and congestion time, the 12-car fixed train E1 series lacks flexibility.
As a result, the E1 series was forced to withdraw from the Tohoku Shinkansen and became a Shinkansen exclusively for the Joetsu Shinkansen.

From the fall of 2003, the guest rooms were mainly renovated, and all six trains were completed in less than three years.
The refreshing light green coloring has changed to a crested ibis color, and has been completely reborn as a “Max for Joetsu Shinkansen”.


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