E2 Series Shinkansen 10-1718 10-1718 Yamabiko Toki --Kato

New Shinkansen Series , Kato . It has sold since yesterday . But , I have not accepted it , because of COVID . The staff of Wholesale was vaccination . Next weeks , I will get it , mayne ...

Because the typhoon comes from the sea ...How do I do ...

Series E2 No. 1000 or over Shinkansen (Bullet Train) "Hayate" made its debut in December, 1998 in 10 car configuration when the Shinkansen station, Hachinohe, was opened. It is a revised version of E2 No. 0 or over, which was operated on Nagano, Joetsu and Tohoku Shinkansen lines. Each window was expanded over two rows of seat inside, the red line was changed into pink and a symbol marks of swallow and apple were painted on the body. Currently it runs at the highest speed of 275 km/h between Tokyo and Hachinohe in the northern part of Japan.

The "Kato" scale model is equipped with a coupler which can connect another Shinkansen train just like it is practiced in the real trains.

If you are interested in   it , please let me know .


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