KATO will produce the EF210 100 series with a new paint job featuring a character logo.

The EF210 is a direct current electric locomotive that has been active as the mainstay of JR Freight since its introduction in 1996. The 300 series, which was deployed in 2013, has a different blue body color than before, and from 2019, the 0 series and 100 series have been gradually repainted to match the 300 series. Unlike the 300 series, the stripe in the center of the side body is white, there is no stripe under the rain gutters, and the lower part of the front window is blue.

◆The latest EF210 is here, allowing you to enjoy modern freight trains. It is also ideal as a towing engine for the <10-1983 Koki 105 "Toyota Longpass Express" (Ecoliner)>, which will be released at the same time.

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