Electric Locomotive EF55 Takasaki Depot KATO Scheduled for Aug.

Adapting the mechanisms of the EF53, the EF55 was introduced in 1936 among the sudden popularity of aerodynamic designs in the 1930s. While the front part of the train has an aerodynamic design, the back part is made of a flat end that puts a bigger emphasis on uniformity with the passenger cars and wind resistance in a train. This is one of the special characteristics of this
old-fashioned DC electric locomotive for passengers, which was used as a tractor for the limited express ""Tsubame"" and ""Fuji"", etc.

①The aerodynamic design of the train is accurately reproduced.
②The leading truck, covered by the train body, is reproduced to look like the prototype and can pass a minimum curve radius of 282 mm.
③With the use of a slotless motor, the locomotive runs even smoother and quieter.
④The front and back headlights are illuminated.
⑤Mounted with the number plate "EF55 1".



The old passenger car formation set of the Takasaki Depot, which operated as an event train during the revival of the EF55, is now available as a model.
When the EF55 reentered service in 1986, some of the still exsisting old passenger cars were gathered at the Kawasaki Passenger Car Depot (currently: Gunma Car Center) and used as event trains to be pulled on the EF55's main line.

①The passenger cars and roof are reproduced in gray, the ventilators in black.
②Includes stickers with the destination signs and car number signs.
③Includes the tailmark and reflector of "GOGO TRAIN," which celebtrated the revival of the EF55.


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