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KATO 2020-2

After being active throughout the whole country as the last number in the C56 series during the JNR era, the C56 160 was transferred to Umekoji in 1972.
Since the JNR era, it has traveled throughout Japan and operated in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Hokuriku, and Shikoku.
From 1987, it was operated mainly on the Yamaguchi Line as the SL "Yamaguchi".
Although it is no longer operated on the main line with the revival of the main line in 2018, it is still in service as a towing machine for the "SL Steam-go" in the Kyoto Railway Museum.

KATO 10-1820

As JNR's last passenger cars for limited expressed built between 1969 and 1978, the Series 12 was operated throughout all of Japan with the excedption of Hokkaido. The JR West Aboshi General Rolling Stock Depot Miyahara Branch Series 12 can not not only be seen as the "SL Kita-Biwako" alongside the C56, but also as a temporary event train in Kyushu as well as in other areas in the JR West service area.

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