Freight Car

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By the way, I found something interesting in FREIGHT CAR. In Japanese
It is "Bei-Tan 米タン". The meaning is US TANK.

Haijima Station in Akishima City, Tokyo, is a transportation hub where the Ome Line, Hachiko Line, Itsukaichi Line, and Seibu Haijima Line branch off. One more freight line branches off from the east side of Haijima Station.

This freight line is called the "Yokota Air Base Line" and continues to the premises of the US Army Yokota Air Base, which extends to the north of the station. Freight trains, mainly tank cars, commonly known as "US Tan," operate about twice a week. The role of "rice tongue" is to transport fuel such as jet planes from the oil storage near Anzen Station on the Tsurumi Line in Yokohama City to the base.
After a while, the sound of the railroad crossing alarm came from somewhere. Eventually, a tank car loaded with fuel, towed by a locomotive, slowly enters the railroad tracks in the residential area.

After the "US Tan" enters the premises of the US military base, the gate will be closed immediately by the gatekeeper. The surrounding area is also in the original quiet residential area. Tokyo's "Japan-US freight line" is short, but it plays an important role in security.

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