GREEN MAX New Poster  2


Yesterday , I wrote GREEN MAX 1 , it is Hankyu 1300 Kyoto Line .

Today , it is Odakyu 8000 , Kintetsu 22600 Ace , Keisei 3700 .

Kintetsu Ace Car The Kintetsu 22600 series Ace is a new general-purpose limited express vehicle that appeared as a replacement for the 12200 series. There are 2-car trains and 4-car trains, and the smoking room installed in the leading car without pantographs is also a feature of this type in appearance.
The body is based on the 22000 series ACE and is designed to incorporate new designs such as a rounded front shape, enlarged side windows, and a single arm pantograph. In terms of operation, it is often seen that it is combined with other limited express cars 12200 series to 22000 series.
Since December 2012, the skirt shape of some trains has changed due to modifications for the Hanshin line.

The Odakyu 8000 series is a 20m4 door vehicle manufactured from 1982 to 1987 as a ground-only vehicle on the Odakyu Line, and is a general-purpose vehicle that can be used from local trains to rapid express trains. Renewal work has been carried out since 2002, and the destination display has been changed to full-color LED, the front passage indicator has been removed, the shape of the side destination indicator has been changed, and the car side lights and tail lights have been changed to LEDs. In addition, since 2003, modifications to the VVVF inverter control system have been promoted, and minor specification differences can be seen depending on the update time.

The Keisei 3700 series is the first newly manufactured commuter train of Keisei Electric Railway to use VVVF inverter control, which was introduced when the train entered directly under the Narita Airport terminal in 1991. By 2002, 132 cars were manufactured from 1st to 9th cars. Depending on the time of appearance, there are differences in the position of the front light, front type / destination display part, indoors, etc.
In recent years, UV-cut glass for side window glass, LED interior lights, SR antenna preparation work, and replacement with single-arm pantographs have been promoted.

I would like to take off Kintetsu Express ....



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