GREEN MAX 31587 Meitetsu Train Set -August 2022

It will sell in August 2022 . The  Reserve deadline is 8 March .

Item number <31587>
Product name Meitetsu 9500 series Basic 4-car train set (with power)
Price including tax ¥ 24,750.- ( Discount >>)
Release date after August
About the actual vehicle The Meitetsu 9500 series is a commuter-type vehicle that debuted in 2019 (Reiwa 1). It is a vehicle with advanced features based on the 3300 series and 3150 series. The front is made with a lot of Meitetsu color Scarlet Red to express the uniqueness of Meitetsu, and by combining it with LED headlights, it gives a fearless and sharp impression. All-long seats, priority seats and free space are installed on all vehicles.
Organization diagram <31587> Meitetsu 9500 series basic 4-car formation set organization diagram
Product features
■ Commercialization of Meitetsu's latest commuter vehicle with a new mold
■ Commercialization of vehicle body, underfloor equipment, roof, and skirt with new mold

■ Vehicle number, anti-aircraft display, corporate mark printed
■ Types / destinations, priority seats, wheelchairs, strollers, door stickers are included stickers (new production) selection formula
■ User-installed train radio antenna, fuse box, and fusee
■ Ventilator and lightning arrester are sculptural expressions
■ Headlights, indicator lights, front destination display (white), and tail lights (red) are lit while driving.
■ Equipped with a coreless motor power unit with flywheel (No.31587 only)

* Product specifications may differ from the actual vehicle.

Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd. Commercialization licensed
Package size 4R case (length 20.2 cm x width 18.8 cm x thickness 3 cm)


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